Brian Kavanagh

Bush House London

April 2nd - April 26th 2019

This photographic series explores the paradoxes of life in Iran where many citizens navigate a space between a culture of tradition and a globally connected, technology driven modern world. It attempts to look behond threatening media headlines to discover a deeper, more reflective and human Iran, little of which is known or understood outside of this fascinating and complex country

BBC Radio London - Robert Elms Show

On Easter Satursday April 20th, I was a guest on the Robert Elms radio show on BBC London. I will include a link to an audio stream to the interview soon. 

ArtRabbit Article

A short piece about Portraits of Iran in ArtRabbit, an independent digital art platform for promoting, discovering and appreciateing contemporary art and visual culture.

Kayhan Article by Tim Cornwell

An article by journalist Tim Cornwell on Portraits of Iran, which was featured in Kayhan, which is an Iranian publication that serves a global Iranian community.

FAD Magazine Article by Mark Westall

A short piece about Portraits of Iran by Mark Westall who is the founder and editor of FAD Magazine.